Charles E. Gluckstein

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Charles E. Gluckstein

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416-408-4252 Ext 269
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595 Bay Street, Suite 301, Toronto
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M5G 2C2

Personal Injury Lawyer
Charles Gluckstein works closely with Vafa Nematy, a Client Liaison to the Persian Community for the firm. She brings over a decade of Personal Injury experience to Gluckstein Lawyers. Vafa is an active member of the Iranian Community, including the ICLP (Iranian Canadian Legal Professional of Ontario) and a member of IWOO (Iranian Women’s organization of Ontario). Vafa is a staunch advocate of the Persian Community and is committed to providing full-circle care.

Charles Gluckstein was called to the Ontario Bar in 1999 and is a Specialist in Civil Litigation, which encompasses personal injury, medical and professional negligence, motor vehicle claims, occupier’s liability issues, and product liability. Charles commands a thorough knowledge of all relevant Automobile Legislation, providing a trusted experience for all aspects of dispute resolution. An award-winning lawyer himself, he is known for his active support within the medical and disability communities and his innovative mindset for providing better and faster resolution to all Gluckstein client cases, without sacrificing even an ounce of quality.

Charles was appointed President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association from 2013-2014. Since 2014, Best Lawyers® International has consistently recognized him as a leader in the personal injury field. In 2014 he was awarded the LEXPERT Zenith Award for Leading Personal Injury Lawyer in Practice Excellence in recognition of thought leadership and new standards for the Personal Injury Bar. In its annual publication, the Canadian Legal LEXPERT® Directory has listed Charles as repeatedly recommended by his peers in the area of personal injury for the Toronto region.

Since his call to the Ontario Bar in 1999, Charles Gluckstein has embraced technological advancements and has worked tirelessly to modernize his practice to meet the challenges of our times. This, in turn, has allowed him to lead his team of lawyers, licenced paralegals and support staff efficiently while prioritizing and maximizing client outcomes. In the face of COVID-19’s restrictions, Gluckstein Lawyers was well-positioned for a complete and seamless transition from a traditional physical office-based model to a telecommute-based firm, with its entire staff working remotely. 


Gluckstein Lawyers was among the first law firms in Canada to implement a cloud-based customizable file management software platform with enhanced security measures. Such integrated technologies have increased firm productivity, allowing more time to connect with clients and build better cases. It has provided the Gluckstein team with access to all case information and documents, allowing them to stay ahead of deadlines, move cases forward more quickly, and facilitate communication with clients, other lawyers, insurers, healthcare providers, and legal support services. The use of these technologies has led to more manageable workloads for the Gluckstein staff and high satisfaction ratings from clients.

In addition to facilitating remote access, Charles has implemented numerous technologies and strategies to facilitate communication, specifically with existing and prospective clients. There is a Client Portal, which serves as a powerful way to provide clients with real-time updates on their cases. It allows clients to review their matter status, communicate with their legal team, and upload or download documents. 


Charles and Vafa advocate for results that achieve maximum recovery of lifestyle for each one of their clients. The most rewarding thing about being a lawyer to Charles is helping restore dignity to victims who have lost almost everything and continue to connect with them through their recovery and rehabilitation journey. He believes in full-circle care and being there with his clients all the way through.