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Joel Etienne

Joel Etienne
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Joel Etienne

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Toronto - Canada

Originally from New Brunswick, Joel began his legal studies at the University of Montreal before graduating from the University of Moncton Faculty of Law in 1999. For the past 20 years, Joel has been practicing criminal litigation and regulatory law at an expert level. As such, he is a frequent guest on CBC Radio and Television, educating the public on all aspects of litigation. In 2012, he founded EME Professional Corp with Dov Maierovitz and has since continued his legal work as an experienced, trial-tested lawyer. Father of two, Joel is happy to communicate with clients in French, English, and Spanish.
Joel is a typically hectic Toronto area Lawyer:
On average, he works 15-20 hour days, and loves being busy.
Joel started out in pure litigation, doing murder trials, and immigration court cases, building up an immigration practice that would eventually open thousands of files a year. As Joel’s new Canadian clients became extremely successful, Joel became involved with many other fields of law and commerce; investments, real estate development, condo building/construction law, family law, commercial litigation, civil litigation etc.

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