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Simona Jellinek

Simona Jellinek
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Simona Jellinek

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Simona Jellinek leads the Sexual Abuse and Assault team as counsel. Simona has more than 25 years of representing survivors of childhood abuse as well as adult assaults. She has litigated against religious institutions, Childrens’ Aid Societies, all levels of government, Big Brothers, Scouts, school boards, and many other institutions where people are placed in harm's way. Simona has litigated hundreds of cases and has helped her clients achieve some of the highest settlements for sexual abuse cases in Canada.

Simona is one of Canada’s most experienced and successful lawyers in the complex and unique area of sexual abuse and assault litigation. Her experience in the area allows her to provide effective legal advice with knowledge and compassion. She has dedicated her life to helping survivors of sexual trauma in their journey towards healing.

Simona has also been instrumental in changing important pieces of legislation including the removal of the limitation period in sexual abuse and assault cases. As well, she also assisted the government in amending legislation to allow survivors who are on ODSP to remain on ODSP even after receiving compensation from a judgment or settlement.

Simona’s expertise in the area has been recognized by her peers and she is listed in Best Lawyers and Lexpert. She has been honoured to receive the Distinguished Service Award by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Zenith Lexpert award. Simona is sought after by media outlets to provide insight and commentary on sexual abuse and assaults in Canada and abroad. As well, she has lectured at universities and presented papers on sexual violence litigation at Canadian and international conferences.

Simona was on the Executive Committee of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association’s Board of Directors for almost a decade. She also served on the Toronto Police Sexual Assault committee for many years. She co-drafted the Sexual Abuse Guidelines applicable to all Ontario lawyers by the Law Society of Ontario.

Historic Sexual Abuse

In personal injury cases, we often speak about loss - loss of ability, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of income, loss of time, and even loss of life. But there is one type of personal injury case where there is a unique kind of loss that is acutely felt by victims.

When a person suffers from sexual abuse or sexual assault, they lose their bodily autonomy. The sexual violence they experience may cause physical injuries, psychological and emotional trauma, and/or quantifiable losses due to the effects of the damage to their lives. Such a dehumanizing act brings about a sense of degradation and humiliation that sets this kind of personal injury apart from any other.

If you or a loved one has experienced sexual abuse or a sexual assault, you are not alone. Statistics suggest one in four women and one in 10 men will experience some form of sexual abuse or assault in their lives. Stigma surrounding sexual abuse, fear of reprisal by the abuser, and the potential to feel re-traumatized when recounting the experience, mean only a very small percentage of assaults (about six percent) are actually reported to the police.

It often takes time for victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault to come forward with their stories. For many victims, the actions occurred during their childhood or youth, perhaps at the hands of a person who had control or power over them. For other victims, even if the assault occurred in adulthood, they may have needed years to process their trauma. Fortunately, there are are no statutes of limitation for criminal or civil cases involving sexual abuse or sexual assault. Therefore, if you are a historic sexual abuse survivor or sexual assault survivor, you have not lost your right to justice with the passage of time.

Sexual abuse and assault survivors have many options in their quest for justice and their desire to obtain a sense of closure from these violent acts; involving the police is only one possible path. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers’ sexual abuse and assault legal team can help you and your loved ones as you recover from these terrible experiences.

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Institutional Sexual Abuse


An abuser seeks to exert and maintain power over their victims. Whether it’s physically overpowering them, emotionally controlling them, financially coercing them, or manipulating and influencing them, abusers exploit their victims' vulnerabilities.

Being abused by a single person is traumatic and can be terribly damaging in itself. But if the abuse occurs within an institution, the power imbalance is magnified. Suddenly, there are more people (and more people with power) who may have an interest in ensuring victims’ voices are silenced.

People who are subject to institutionalized care are often among the most vulnerable people in society. From childcare, to healthcare settings, to schools, to assisted living communities for people with disabilities, to seniors homes, societies have built institutions to provide better, more affordable services to various groups of people than they could hope to receive individually based on their personal circumstances. When the trust we place in institutions is breached, it not only hurts the individual victims of abuse, but also the sense of safety and the obligation we have to protect one another in society at large.

Survivors of institutional sexual abuse who choose to come forward with their stories deserve respect, dignity, compassion, compensation and action to prevent future abuses. As fierce advocates for vulnerable members of our society, the institutional sexual abuse legal team at Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help you or your loved one when you’ve been the victim of a breach of trust and act of sexual violence.

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Sexual Abuse

Personal injuries are often the result of someone’s negligence with likely no intent to cause harm. However, when a person is the victim of a sexual assault, that is not generally the case. If someone intentionally chose to commit a violent and/or psychologically damaging attack on you or a loved one, it feels all the more “personal” and intentional in nature.

Sexual assaults can bring about criminal charges against a perpetrator. Sexual assault survivors can also launch civil lawsuits against the person committing the assault and/or employers or institutions who:

  •     Created the conditions for such assaults.
  •     Failed to properly investigate a perpetrating employee’s background.
  •     Failed to investigate complaints about a perpetrator’s previous actions.

A knowledgeable, experienced, and empathetic personal injury lawyer with in-depth experience in sexual assault law can be there for you or a loved one in the aftermath of a sexual assault. Together, we can seek compensation and damages for the harm that a perpetrator (and/or enablers) caused. A civil lawsuit cannot undo what has been done to you, but it can be an important step toward finding closure for one troubling chapter in your life and confidently beginning the next.

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